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Exhaust Gas Boiler

Heat recovery boiler


Clayton exhaust Gas Boiler Sketch - forced recirculation coil

The Clayton Exhaust Gas Boiler was developed following the success of the Clayton Steam Generator and the design is based on the same tried and tested helical coil operating principle. This results in an Exhaust Gas Boiler of small size and weight that can produce steam of very high quality.

An added advantage of the Clayton Forced Circulation Monotube Coil Concept exhaust gas boiler is that is not necessary to rely on any type of fins on the tube surface to assist heat transfer and this reduces the possibility of clogging with deposits. The configuration of the Clayton plain coiled tube is designed to maximise performance and allow free flow of hot gas over the tube in the opposite direction to the water flow in a counterflow pattern for maximum efficiency.

Due to the small size and weight of the Clayton Exhaust Gas Boiler many installation options are possible and the boiler can be fitted into the exhaust gas ductwork to suit the available space.

The outstanding benefits of the Clayton Exhaust Gas Boiler are second to none:-

  • Small Size
  • Plain Tubes
  • High Efficiency
  • Quick Start-Up
  • High Steam Quality
  • Low Weight
  • Safe Operation
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