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Systems and equipment that ensure trouble-free operation of the steam generating plant are designed with the same Clayton experience and expertise. Clayton offers a range of ancillaries and packages to match the selected steam generators and manufactured to the same high standards.

Clayton Open System

The most common system is the Clayton Open System in which condensate can be returned at atmospheric pressure. In the Open System, boiler feedwater is directed from a Hotwell to the Clayton Pump and is then fed to the Clayton Steam Generator. Steam flows from the Clayton Steam Separator outlet nozzle and the condensate from the separator is re-cycled back to the hotwell. The small amount of blowdown required on a Clayton Steam Generator is taken from this point. The make-up water supply can be passed through a water softener and chemicals can be dosed directly into the hotwell.

Clayton 3-generator system

On multiple Clayton Steam Generator installations the feedwater equipment is common to all. Other tried and tested designs include the Clayton Closed and Semi-Closed Systems that are used where energy savings from condensate heat recovery is required.

High Pressure and Superheated Steam is another application where the design of the Clayton Steam Generator is perfectly suited. The small diameter water tube coil allows steam pressures of up to 200 barg to be produced and the helical heat exchanger concept means that superheated steam can be generated up to temperatures of 460 degrees centigrade.

Clayton Superheated Steam Generator

The spiral construction of the Clayton heating coil means that it is extremely robust and will counteract any effects of expansion and contraction during rapid heating and cooling cycles without experiencing any mechanical damage.

On Superheated Clayton Steam Generators the feed water is directed to the topmost layer of coil where it is pre-heated as it spirals downwards and fed to the lower section from where it passes to the high efficiency steam separator. Dry steam from the separator then trevels to the integral superheating coil section where the desired steam temperature is produced.

Power Stations have benefited by using the Clayton Steam Generator where superheated steam, high pressure steam and rapid start capability combined with the inherent safety have particular benefits. In both conventional and nuclear power stations the Clayton Steam Generator is used for peak shaving, auxiliary start-up steam, back-up steam supply and emergency steam.

When used as an auxiliary start-up boiler the Clayton Steam Generator enables a power plant to be brought on-line rapidly which means lower emissions, less fuel consumption, less water consumption, less chemical consumption, less electricity consumption and provides increased revenue as well as the commercial advantage that comes from having the flexibility of being able to start-up quickly.

Many Oil Platforms have Clayton Steam Boilers

Marine & Offshore Steam Systems are ideal applications where the safety, space saving, unmanned operation, reliability and modular construction have made Clayton the offshore standard for ships and offshore oil platforms. The Clayton Marine Steam Generator is type approved by many marine authorities and can be supplied to the requirements of any inspection agency.

Many ships have the Clayton Marine Steam Boilers

Clayton’s own marine standard includes specified materials, control systems, electrical motors, cabling, tagging, documentation and other essential features required by this demanding industry.

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