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The Reason for the many advantages of the Clayton Steam Generator is the Forced Circulation Monotube Coil Concept. This operates on a simple but ingenious principle.

The boiler feedwater is pumped by means of a specially designed Clayton Pump and is forced through a single heating coil from the top to the bottom. The steam from the outlet of the coil is then passed to a high efficiency centrifugal separator. Steam quality from a Clayton Steam Generator is nearly completely dry saturated and the separated water is re-cycled.

The Clayton Coil is of a unique design that has been developed for optimum heat transfer at all steam output levels.

The coil is a single water tube which is stacked in spirally wound layers in the upper section and forms a ‘water wall’ around the combustion chamber of the lower section. The configuration of the coil as well as the variation in the tube diameter, spacing between layers and spacing between tube turns in different temperature zones of the coil are all carefully designed to maximise efficiency and prevent hot spots.

The spiral construction of the coil is extremely robust and counteracts the effects of expansion during rapid heating and cooling. In the case of oil fired units, a sootblowing system can operate while the steam generator is running to maintain maximum efficiency.

The Clayton Pump is of a special remarkable design and is manufactured specifically to provide the forced circulation through the coil of a Clayton Steam Generator.

The pump is a positive displacement type that ensures flow stability over a wide range of varying pressure conditions. The Clayton Pump does not rely on mechanical seals, packing rings or glands and operation is completely unaffected by high water temperature. The construction of the Clayton Pump is also extremely robust, very reliable and low in maintenance.

On every Clayton Steam Generator the pumping rate is synchronised to the burner firing rate so that the steam output can be ramped up and down as required.

The Clayton Steam Separator is a high efficiency centrifugal design that has no moving parts. The very high steam quality is produced even under variable load conditions and is at least 99.5% dry saturated.

The steam/water mixture from the Clayton Steam Generator is directed over a series of vanes and separated by means of centrifugal force. The water is collected and dry steam is discharged through the top outlet. The amount blowdown from a Clayton Steam Generator is extremely low and this is taken from the water collected by the separator.

The Clayton Burner is specially designed to ensure that the flame is confined to the combustion chamber and that combustion is complete before the hot gasses are released over the coil.

To achieve this, the air for combustion enters the burner manifold at high velocity where it picks up fuel in a whirlpool action to form a heart shaped flame where the flame tip folds over into the low pressure zone. Fuel and air are blended in precise ratios and the burner fires upwards, which is the natural direction for heat.

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