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Clayton Hotwell

Clayton Hotwells are designed to perform several essential functions. The Clayton Hotwell provides feedwater for the Steam Generator, acts as a reservoir for returned condensate and is an ideal means of blending water treatment chemicals. An important feature of the Clayton hotwell is that it is a partial deaerator capable of removing most of the oxygen - which is the major cause of corrosion in feedwater. The hotwell is steam heated to maintain a controlled temperature of around 90 to 95OC and the residence time is calculated to ensure that the oxygen level is significantly reduced. Clayton Hotwells are available as either horizontal or vertical vessels. All are supplied complete with special inducer tubes, temperature control, automatic level control and automatic filling. For large steam flows, high pressure steam or superheated steam system the Clayton Thermal Deaerator may be recommended.

Clayton back-pressure regulating valve

Clayton Back Pressure Regulating Valves can be provided with each steam generator to control the minimum pressure of the generator in response to the pressure sensed by an impulse line on the upstream side. The purpose of the valve is to ensure stable operation under fluctuating loads and is used as part of the Clayton Automatic Start System.

Clayton chemical dosing system

Clayton Chemical Dosing Systems will simply maintain the correct water quality which is a requirement of all types of steam raising plant. The systems incorporate a chemical storage tank which is sized for the Clayton Steam System and micro-processor controlled diaphragm chemical injection pump to accurately meter the amount of chemical used. The chemical dosing system will ensure long life of the equipment.

Clayton water softener

Clayton Water Softeners are of the automatic ion-exchange type that remove hardness from the raw feedwater. Because water softeners must be periodically regenerated these are available as single (simplex) units on plants where the Clayton Steam Generator will be off during regeneration and as double (twin) units for continuous or long running periods of the Clayton Steam Generator. Regenerations of simplex water softeners are instigated on an operator-set time basis and twin softeners are fitted with a micro-processor which allows regeneration to take place in proportion to water usage.

Clayton water testing kit

Clayton Water Test Kits provides a simple and practical means of checking the quality of the feedwater supply to the Clayton Steam Generator. The kit includes the necessary equipment to carry out tests for water hardness, levels of oxygen scavenger, dissolved solids and pH. Full instructions for use are included with the kit and a Clayton Feedwater Treatment Manual is available which provides information on the water quality required and how this can be easily achieved.

Clayton booster pump

Clayton Booster Pumps will ensure that the minimum net positive suction head is maintained for the main Clayton Pump so that the hotwell can be mounted at low level. Booster pumps are selected to suit the system being supplied.

Clayton blowdown vessel

Clayton Blowdown Vessels are designed to safely handle the discharges from the automatic or manual blowdown systems on the Clayton Steam Generator. Blowdown vessels can also be supplied with discharge cooling systems if required.

Clayton water treatment chemicals

Clayton Water Treatment Chemicals are specially formulated to maintain the correct water conditions to protect the Clayton Steam Generating System. The use of these chemicals will guarantee trouble free operation and long life of the equipment. Chemicals are available in powder or liquid form and are easily dosed using the Clayton Chemical Dosing System.

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